A camper wanders off trail, losing all sense of direction. A family doesn’t return from a kayak excursion. An unprepared hiker becomes injured in the wilderness. An elderly Alzheimer’s disease patient is missing. A natural disaster causes widespread destruction.

About once every three days, a call like one of these comes in, and our volunteers spring into action, dropping what they’re doing at work or at home to save lives.

Our volunteers bring people home to their loved ones.

King County Search and Rescue provides lifesaving search and rescue services to people in distress, promotes public education on wilderness safety, and assists law enforcement with crime scene investigations. Our organization is made up of eight separate specialized units, all of them nonprofit organizations run by volunteers and funded by donations. Find out more about what we do.

“Multiple times a year, we rescue people who are on their last thread. They are hypothermic, exhausted, injured (in some cases quite severely), scared, and desperate. Some days, we know that just one more minute or one more day would have meant life or death.” —Jennifer Brenes, volunteer